Patronage in the Life of Vladimir Krupchak

Vladimir Krupchak is not only one of the leading entrepreneurs in Pomorye (Arkhangelsk), but also a prominent public figure. Born in the Russian North and being a real patriot, he coordinates many projects related to the cultural and historical heritage and modern development of the region. One of the entrepreneur's activity directions is patronage in which he takes part as an enthusiast and one of the leaders of the largest in the Arkhangelsk region companies – Titan Holding and Arkhangelsk PPM.

Vladimir Krupchak ensures financial and organizational support for the social initiatives and contributes to the effective work of the famous scientists, artists, and sculptors of Pomorye. Together with the representatives of the scientific and creative elite, the entrepreneur helps to glorify the region as a birthplace of the cultural and Orthodox background of Russia.
Arkhangelsk PPM Архангельский ЦБК
Over the decades of existence, Arkhangelsk PPM and GC Titan invested more than 200 million rubles in support of various projects and initiatives. V. Krupchak supports the publication of books dedicated to different historical events in the Russian North, archeological excavations, and organization of music fests, film festivals, and celebrations. Being one of the leading patrons of the region, the entrepreneur helps to renovate monasteries and provides support for churches.

Publishing Support

Book publishing in the region is practically the main direction of the patron's work. With his help, GC Titan implemented social accountability, charity, and cultural support policy. The holding funds publication of the following:

  • historical and children's books;
  • ethnographic researches;
  • results of archeological excavations.
    With the help of the patron, publication of about 20 proceedings became possible. Donation of hundreds of books to the libraries of the region is among the largest projects implemented under the guidance of Vladimir Krupchak.

    In particular, Arkhangelsk PPM, Sawmill 25 and GC Titan donated 213 books from the series "The Russian Arctic" to the Arkhangelsk Scientific Library named after N.A. Dobrolyubov.

    In one of the interviews, Arkhangelsk artist and illustrator Dmitry Trubin notes that GC Titan and APPM pay a lot of attention to the patronage.

    Artist Dmitry Trubin
    He illustrated more than 100 children's books – both world classics ("Thumbelina", "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland") and stories of the modern writers, A. Usachev's and Yu. Koval's ones. The artist has held more than 85 exhibitions in Russia and outside the country. His works are the part of the State Museum of Fine Arts named after A.S. Pushkin, private family collections in the Russian Federation, USA, Canada, and many other countries.

    The artist and Vladimir Krupchak have not only the place of birth, the Arkhangelsk region, in common but also the fact that the patron actively supports the creative activity of Dmitry Trubin. Together they publish books donated to orphanages and schools. As the artist notes in the interview, social initiatives of GC Titan are the example of responsibility and redistribution of the social goods to provide help to all those in need.

    Conservation and Improvement of the Cultural and Architectural Appearance of the City

    GC Titan actively participates in the conservation of the Northern art of building and improvement of the architectural appearance of the cities and towns in the region. The Arkhangelsk hotel "Dvina" was redesigned with support of Vladimir Krupchak.

    Marking its fifteenth anniversary, the holding renovated the part of the central pedestrian street named after F.S. Chumbarov-Luchinsky. Development of the Arkhangelsk infrastructure and improvement of its appearance are among the sponsor projects of GC Titan. As a gift for the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory, the holding funded the installation of two new monuments in the city – to the people of that time and Arctic Convoys.
    Installed in the Victory Square and on the Northern Dvina embankment, sculptural compositions are created by famous sculptor Sergey Syukhin who was also born in the region.

    "Lukomorye's artist", as the critics call him, is a member of the Arkhangelsk Council for Culture and the winner of the award named after M.V. Lomonosov.

    There are many attractive monuments created by him in the streets and squares of the city: famous sculptures of writers B. Shergin and S. Pisakhov, "Arkhangelsk Man", the monuments to Russian wives and the already mentioned Arctic Convoy. Under the sponsorship of GC Titan, the sculptor created expressive works in the distinctive Slavic style.
    Sculptor Sergey Syukhin
    In addition to the improvement of the architectural appearance of the city, the entrepreneur also works on the conservation of the region's memorials and picturesque natural areas. In particular, he was engaged in the landscaping of the Malye Karely and completely modified the tourist base of the same name situated near the museum of wooden architecture.
    The large-scale project on the landscaping turned into a social one, it did not allow for the instant commercialization. M. Bomstein's ideas that were the basis for the renovation were implemented together with the good service and carefully recreated infrastructure. The Malye Karely retained the originality of the Northern art of building and attracted a big number of tourists from the different regions of the country.

    Conservation of the Historical and Archeological Heritage of Russia

    Vladimir Krupchak is actively supporting monasteries and participating in the renovation of churches. According to his biography, one of the main sources of inspiration for him was the meeting with Patriarch Alexy II who awarded him the Order for Beneficence. This order is given only to the patrons that make a significant contribution to the revival of the Russian Orthodoxy traditions and reconditioning of historical and cultural monuments.
    Vladimir Krupchak was awarded the order for his sponsor and charity work in the established by him GC Titan.

    In the framework of the corporate patronage, the holding and Arkhangelsk PPM funded the publication of the report on the interesting research in the Antonievo-Siysky Monastery. The allegedly belonging to Tsar Ivan VI remains were found there.
    Antonievo-Siysky Monastery
    With the sponsorship of the patron, the collected volume revealing the unknown facts about the House of Romanov establishment, as well as the report on the carried out in Kholmogory geodetic surveys were published. Arkhangelsk PPM has already provided over 6 million rubles for the extensive work in the Antonievo-Siysky Monastery. According to the scientists, further inquiry will significantly contribute to the history of the Russian Church and autocracy.

    The patron also supports the other specialists working on the conservation of the historical and cultural heritage of the region. In particular, he supports Professor Yury Barashkov who is a prominent researcher of the Arkhangelsk architectural history, collector of the cards with the depiction of the old city, regional ethnographer and teacher.
    Historian, architect and regional ethnographer, Professor Yury Barashkov
    With support of the entrepreneur, he initiated the publication of the rare books dedicated to the history of the region, Arctic studies and Russian North in general. Professor Barashkov is closely following the changes in the architectural appearance of the city and, in the interview, he notes the cultural impact of Sergey Syukhin who is also supported by Vladimir Krupchak.

    Patronage in the Сultural Public Sphere

    The entrepreneur and companies, where he is a member of boards of directors, sponsor social and cultural organizations of the region. As a part of patronage activity, they contribute to:

    • award ceremonies for the winners of the International Film Festival "Bereginya. Together to the future.";
    • organization of sports events in Novodvinsk sponsored by the Council for Development of Physical Culture and Sport;
    • support for youth choreographic groups, schools and interest groups where children study art, aeromodelling, robotics, do sports and dance;
    • support for the Arkhangelsk public organizations – Wrestling and Floorball Federations, social institutions, orphanages, etc.
    Through his career Vladimir Krupchak is not ready to rest and continues to expand the range of his patronage and charity. He is planning many activities to preserve the beauty of Pomorye and ensure its bright future.